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Recipe: Knipp (German Goetta)


Our Plan

Though I have never had Knipp, it sounds a lot like Goetta!  I might try to find quail eggs and fry them as topping to these bite sized pieces of Knipp.  Alternately, we will serve with a slice of medium boiled eggs and a gherkin slice with some good German hot mustard on toasted black bread squares.  In any case it should be interesting to try and I can make it well in advance!


Knipp  is a type of smoked sausage (Grützwurst) related to Pinkel which comes from the Bremen and Lower Saxony regions of Germany.

Knipp is made from oat groats, pork head, pork belly, pork rind, liver and broth and seasoned with salt, allspice, marjora and pepper. Knipp is usually sold in roughly 30 cm long and 10-15 cm thick sausages as a Stange (“stick”) or Rolle (“roll”)[3]. The smoked sausage is sold and consumed having been roasted, either just with bread, or with roast or boiled potatos and gherkins, sweet and sour pumpkin, apple sauce (Apfelmus) and beetroot or even cold or hot on wholemeal bread. Sometimes crispy, fried slices of Beutelwurst are served with Knipp – this dish is known in Low Saxon as Knipp un Büddelwust.

In the Lüneburg Heath, Knipp is made with Heidschnucke meat and is known as Heidjer Knipp.  In Oldenburg, Knipp is called Hackgrütze.  For a long time, Knipp was seen as ‘poor man’s food’.


  • 2 1/2 cups steel cut oatmeal
  • 8oz pork rind
  • 14oz pork cheek
  • 8oz Pork Belly
  • 1 pork heart (we may omit this)
  • 4 pints pork stock
  • 1tbsp rubbed marjoram
  • 5 allspice berries
  • 2 bay leave
  • 2 cloves
  • 4 onions, finely diced
  • oil for frying

Soak oatmeal overnight.  Place pork rind and meat in the stock and bring to a boil.  Add all the seasonings, except the onion, and simmer for 1 hour.  Lift out the pork rind and meat.  Strain stock into a clean pot and bring to boil.  Grind the rind and meat into a frozen bowl.  Finely dice Pork Belly and heart (if used).  Add all meat, onions and oatmeal to pot and boil for 1 additional hour.

For a Knipp Loaf: Transfer to a loaf pan and press to remove any pockets and to form an even surface.  Freeze.

For a Knipp Roll:  Transfer to a bowl.  When just cool enough to work with, spread Knipp on a long piece of plastic wrap.  Form a log and tie the ends pressing the log into form.  Freeze.


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6 Responses to “Recipe: Knipp (German Goetta)”

  1. avatar Aaron says:

    The knipp is still on the stove… we’ll see how it turns out in the morning.

  2. avatar Reiner Harbers says:

    I just finished my knipp.I did everything by the book except I could get no cheeks.I live in Jersey and have asien and latino stores all around but no one had cheeks.Ordering on line is possible but s + h are outrages expensive.Sp knipp without cheeks.Now I am coming to my problem.I soaked my oats overnight and when I added them my final consistency of my knipp was very liquid like a thin paste.Somehow my oats could not soak enough of the remaining liquid.What I did was I cooked the knipp with high heat to evaporate liquid and also drained some.Endresult still some paste but much better then before.After I fried it,since I am from Bremen ( since 1991 in the US )and thats the way we do it it was great.Texture and taste almost as at home.
    Will make it again but I have to do something with the oats.Maybe someone can help.

  3. avatar Mary Magnus says:

    to Reiner Harbers – use cooked barley instead of oats. so much better and takes excess liquid away or you can use both oats and barley.

  4. avatar jim telscher says:

    please translate the recipe for goetta from English to german.

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